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Residential Development


Revive Mixed Use Development

United Civil provided civil engineering services for the development of an environmentally conscious residential subdivision on ten acres in Fort Collins, CO.  The site improvements for this cutting-edge “green” development was highly concentrated on low impact development, providing environmentally-friendly stormwater filtration measures throughout the site, including bioretention and pervious pavers for on-site paving.


Liberty Ridge Subdivision

This residential project included the development of a 12-acre site, previously designed for large multi-family buildings, into a mixed development including both single family duplex buildings and single family detached properties.  Civil engineering for the project included roadways, utilities and drainage along with City required Low Impact Development improvements.


Brookstone Townhomes Filing No. 2

The Brookstone Filing No. 2 development, located in Milliken, CO, is approximately 11.7 acres in size. This residential development comprises of (5) four-plex units and (6) three-plex units along with the associated streets, storm sewer infrastructure, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, and open space.  The Filing No. 2 site exists adjacent to (2) four-plex units previously designed by United Civil Design Group. A drainage analysis and stormwater design for the Filing No.2 development considers future residential development adjacent to the site.


Bella Vira Townhomes

The Bella Vira Townhomes development, located on the west side of Fort Collins, CO, is approximately 3.5 acres in size. This residential development included (5) multi-unit buildings with a total of (25) units along with the associated streets, storm drainage infrastructure, utility infrastructure, and open space.


Village at Southgate Subdivision

The Village at Southgate project was comprised of master planning and designing a 80-acre development in Brighton, CO.  The site included 150 single family homes lots, 15 acres for multi-family, and 7 acres for commercial development.  Onsite improvements included three miles of roads with utility and drainage infrastructure, a roundabout, and a regional drainageway through the site.  The offsite improvements for the widening of 120th Avenue took extensive coordination with the City of Brighton and Adams County.


Wellington Pointe

The Wellington Pointe project, located in Wellington, Colorado, is an approximately 5.5-acre site that comprises of developing a vacant lot into 17 4-plex and 3-plex unites with associated open spaces and utilities.  More specifically, the project included the design construction of utility infrastructure, drainage analysis and stormwater infrastructure design, and grading.

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Residential: Projects
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