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Tointon Academy of Pre-Engineering

Tointon Academy of Pre-Engineering is a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade facility serving the Weld County School District 6 community in Greeley, Colorado.  The project included the 900+ student facility along with associated onsite utility, drainage, roadway and parking infrastructure.  As the property was a greenfield site surrounded by the existing Boomerang Golf Course, the Tointon Subdivision project also included the design and construction of the surrounding infrastructure in support of the school facility and future residential and commercial properties planned for the area.  This surrounding infrastructure, designed by United Civil, included master drainage, utility and roadway infrastructure improvements including the design and construction of 8th Street, Dundee Avenue, improvements to existing 71st Avenue, and the utilities associated with those roadway systems.

Peakview Elementary.png

Peakview Elementary School

Peakview Elementary School is a Kindergarten through 5th Grade facility to serve the Weld County RE-4 School District community in Windsor, Colorado.  Situated on an existing 10-acre parcel, the school development project includes a 74,000 square foot facility along with associated onsite utility, drainage and parking infrastructure.  To meet the continued growth of the community, the Peakview Elementary School is a fast-paced project requiring aggressive design and review schedules.  To help expedite the project, and maintain a high quality and cost-effective design, United Civil has worked closely with the design team, school district, contractors, and review agencies throughout the design process.


Meeker Elementary School Campus

The Meeker Elementary School expansion included a new 18,000 square foot building expansion on the south side of the existing elementary school originally built in 1975 in Greeley, Colorado.  The expansion project included the building addition, a new staff parking area and the improvement and extension of existing drainage infrastructure for the site.  United Civil worked closely with the contractor and school district during the design process to locate existing utility systems, coordinate with utility agencies and determine the most appropriate and cost-effective design to avoid existing duct banks, electric lines and larger water mains.


Windsor New Middle School

The New Middle School facility is being designed to serve the growing Weld County RE-4 School District community in Windsor, Colorado.  To be situated on approximately 40-acres, the school development project includes the 900+ student facility along with associated onsite utility, drainage, roadway and parking infrastructure.  A joint venture project with the Town of Windsor that incudes large infrastructure improvements, a police services building and future Town Park, United Civil has played a key role in the development of the school property design and has provided significant coordination between multiple entities and engineers all to help accommodate the ultimate goal of completing this multi-faceted project.

Concept Plan School_edited_edited.jpg

Other Education Projects

United Civil has also worked on several other education projects including:

  • Saint Vrain Valley School District Global Acceleration Campus Addition – Longmont, CO

  • Thompson School District Feeder Projects – Loveland, CO

  • Raindance Elementary School – Windsor, CO

  • Windsor and Severance Modulars Project – Windsor/Severance, CO

We hope to continue growing our resume of education projects as we enjoy the challenges they pose,  the people we meet through the process, and opportunity to play a small role in these important projects within our communities.

Get in touch with us for more details about our past projects and check back for more and updated projects.

Education: Projects
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