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Design Philosophy, Mission, & Vision

Design Philosophy:

No matter how unique or challenging the project, we are committed to providing exceptional solutions that meet all applicable codes and design standards, while not losing sight of the client’s vision for the project. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and develop solutions to achieve their goals and improve our community. 


United Civil exists to serve our clients beyond expectations and support the growth of our communities, relationships, and employees through our work.


To be an exceptional and well-respected civil engineering firm and an even better place to work and grow on a professional and personal level.

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Core Values


We strive to be honest, dependable, respectful, and engineers that can be trusted.  This means doing the right thing even when that is the difficult path.


A well thought-out design and clean, accurate and constructible plans are at the heart of what we do.  This requires diligence, thoroughness, and experience.  We strive to work as a team to design and review our projects so that we can deliver excellence to our clients every time.


We believe it is important to take responsibility for our work.  This means we strive to care about our projects as much as our clients do and are willing to take the initiative to help ensure our projects are successful.  We look for ways to improve both ourselves and our projects, and should something on a project go wrong, we endeavor to be there to help correct the issue regardless of where the mistake was made.


Our work is an important part of our life and we seek to enjoy it, but our lives outside of work are just as important.  We encourage taking time off, relaxing, playing, having fun, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.


Through our work, lives, and character we strive to better ourselves and make a positive difference in our community.    We can do this by designing something excellent for our City, helping a co-worker learn something new, coaching a team, volunteering for an organization, or simply taking great care of our own family; the options are limitless.

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